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Pizzerie Giovanni

Offer pizza from the menu or your own selection of pizza. Delivery of course.

Bedřicha Smetany 1464/27, České Budějovice 3

Zámecká restaurace

Offer meals, specialties of fish and game, pork feast of specialties. Possibility of sitting on a terrace with a service. It can hold wedding receptions, funeral receptions, parties abiturientní.

náměstí Míru 1, Týn nad Vltavou

Penzion Hamr

We offer year round accommodation with a stylish restaurant in the picturesque valley Tereziino. Total capacity is 30 beds. Accommodation in 2-3 bedded rooms with private bathroom and shower. Use for business events.

Údolí 149, Nové Hrady

Restaurace Šupina a Šupinka

Restaurant offering Czech specialties, vegetarian dishes and fleshy, diet, child, but also dishes of freshwater fish. We are preparing meals of fish prepared in...

Valy 155, Třeboň

Restaurant - penzion U Maxe

I offer catering services and accommodation. Use of meeting rooms for holding parties, weddings, celebrations or training.

nám. Švabinského 961/10, České Budějovice

Nebesa s.r.o.

Offer restaurant complex of 4 rooms for the restaurant - about 70 seats and two-story outdoor terrace. Prepare parties, banquets, weddings, graduations. Guest House, where there are two double bedrooms, one triple and suites overlooking the Black Tower.

Kněžská 330/31, České Budějovice

Restaurace - penzion Mlýnská krčma

Restaurant and Bed & Breakfast offers a lounge, weddings, seminars, training, barbecue, bicycling. Accommodation near city center. Parking available.

Šindlovy Dvory 6, Litvínovice

Zelená ratolest, a.s.

Operation of restaurant equipment, our specialty is roasting meat over an open fire. We will offer a lunch menu. We provide rentals of office space and parking spaces.

Husova tř. 1847/5, České Budějovice

Restaurace - Metropol

We offer: banquets, parties, catering, graduations, weddings, parties, abiturienské parties, lounges, cafes, bars, community hall, sports bar, grill. Conference. Provide banquets for companies, individuals and for your home.

Senovážné nám. 248/2, České Budějovice

Restaurace Miltom

Preparation of hot and cold meals. Celebrations, parties and training.

Mánesova 23/1, České Budějovice

Restaurace Masné krámy

We offer meal preparation Czech cuisine and beer tank.

Krajinská 29/13, České Budějovice

Restaurace Malina

Preparing and cooking meals.

Rudolfovská tř. 300/117, České Budějovice

Restaurace Homole

Restaurant for 40 persons. Option celebrations, social and corporate events.

Homole 22,

Restaurace Everytime - Fast Food

Preparation of hot and cold dishes.

Nádražní 127/27, České Budějovice


Operation of the restaurant facility with a capacity of 40 seats.

Dvořákova 188/6, České Budějovice


A restaurant offering hot and cold food, draft beer and soft drinks.

Lidická tř. 189/36, České Budějovice

Restaurace Eben

Restaurant offering hot and cold food. Can sit in an adjacent garden.

Lannova tř. 53/27, České Budějovice

Pavlač, s.r.o.

A restaurant offering hot and cold dishes with 70 seats. The restaurant also belongs to a lounge for 30 people.

Hroznová 52/9, České Budějovice

Petr Hohenberger - restaurace

Operation of restaurant and catering services.

Lipenská 1732/18, České Budějovice

Restaurace Beseda Třeboň

Masarykovo nám. 2, Třeboň

Restaurace a kavárna Maják

Restaurant offering hot and cold meals. Restaurants also contains a wine bar, cafe and confectionery.

Lidická tř. 103/30, České Budějovice

Rastaurace Šantán

A restaurant offering hot and cold meals.

Plachého 261/13, České Budějovice

Potrefená Husa

Restaurant with a capacity of 260 persons. Preparation of culinary specialties. The restaurant also belongs, and cocktail terrace, with a capacity of 85 seats.

Česká 141/66, České Budějovice 1

Restaurace Modrá hvězda

Preparation of hot and cold meals, range of alcoholic and soft drinks.

Hradební 286/24, České Budějovice

Restaurace Jakule

Offer hot and cold dishes.

Byňov 57, Nové Hrady

Okoun, spol. s r.o.

Operation of the restaurant.


Martina Míková - restaurační zařízení

Restaurant offering hot and cold food. Selection of alcoholic and soft drinks.

Třeboňská 165/50, Rudolfov


We offer hot and cold dishes.

Třeboňská 13/17, Rudolfov

Jan Černý - Restaurace sportovní hala

A restaurant for 40 persons with garden and parking. Organize smaller events.

Týn nad Vltavou 780, Týn nad Vltavou

Předčická hospoda

Restaurant with celebrations, wedding receptions and corporate parties.

Předčice 27, Týn nad Vltavou

Dobšický šenk

A restaurant with 80 seats. Available garden.

Dobšice 16, Dobšice

BMBM, s.r.o.

We offer hot and cold dishes.

Horní Stropnice 47, Horní Stropnice

Pohostinství Šramhauser

Food preparation and nápojů.Též there is the possibility of arranging private parties. Also includes a terrace restaurant, wine bar and betting.

nám. Jiráskovo 3, Dolní Bukovsko

Restaurace Borek


Žižkova 25, Borek


We offer hot and cold dishes.

Pražská 25, Borek


We will offer dishes of both Czech and international cuisine and alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

Trocnovská 1054, Trhové Sviny

Jiří Vavroch - restaurace

Operation of the restaurant.

tř. 5. května 23, Včelná

Restaurace Hotel Klor

A restaurant with a capacity of 65 seats. Offer finished the quickies, holding dance evenings or pork and fish feast.

Doudleby 22, Doudleby

Restaurace a vinárna Bobule

Operation of restaurants and wine bars. Possibility distribution to households and smaller firms. Family celebrations.

Družstevní 156/26, České Budějovice 5

Hollywood Bar

We offer alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

Dobrovodská 730/98, České Budějovice - portál, kde Vaše restaurace nesmí chybět! Evidujeme Restaurace z celé ČR.


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