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N. Frýda 5, České Budějovice

BEST - Jihočeská komerční a realitní

Responsible investor and a major dealer of new dwellings in the locality Roznov. We offer high quality apartments 1 +1, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and 4 +1 duplex a...

U tří lvů 296/8, České Budějovice

Ing. Pavel Kolář - Ekofyzika

Providing services in the field of geophysical surveys and radon measurements.

Na nábřeží 679/18, České Budějovice 6

KORUNA Realitní kancelář

Real estate agency offering comprehensive services in the areas of sales, purchase and lease. We provide expertise and technical reports on housing, land, houses, villas, residential premises and commercial properties. We provide legal services.

Lannova tř. 136/32, České Budějovice


operation of geodetic work

Plánská 1854/6, České Budějovice


Lesní 348, České Budějovice

Veronex, a.s.

We run a real estate agency services for natural and legal persons. We provide direct purchase of real estate. We lease commercial space.

Rudolfovská tř. 202/88, České Budějovice


Sell terraced houses (masterpiece), buildings, telecommunications facilities, electronic security system, electrical work, construction of GSM networks, engineering. Implementation of earthworks and transportation of material. Produce, sell and install windows. We offer bookkeeping.

Okružní 627/1a, České Budějovice

Kontakt servis CZ, s.r.o.

Real estate agency specialized in selling real estate in Southern Bohemia. We offer actual - real estate - both commercial and residential real estate, apartments, houses, villas, offices, real estate, land. Rental property. We arrange mortgage loans.

Pražská tř. 563/99, České Budějovice


Company focusing on land sales. We also build economic houses on a turnkey basis. We provide engineering and legal services, earthworks. We will carry out your building permits, acceptance, the expert opinions.

Novohradská 745/21, České Budějovice

RE/MAX AB Normal

We have established collaboration with the RE / MAX because of improved services to our clients. We will arrange a mediation of the purchase, sale and rental properties, land and apartments throughout the South Bohemia region. We provide real estate financing. Streets

Biskupská 129/1, České Budějovice

BOARS - Budějovická obchodní a realitní společnost

Our company is a member of the commercial real estate network of Czech Savings Bank. We offer complete real estate financial and legal services when buying and selling real estate, houses, apartments, guesthouses, cottages, land. Development activities, expert estimates, finance, mortgage.

Husova tř. 640/33, České Budějovice

Centrum FIS, s.r.o.

We provide consulting and related services to help resolve the funding. We offer online loans, loans, mortgages. We provide it for people who are enrolled in the registry.

Lannova tř. 137/32, České Budějovice 6

GLOFIN - Nezávislé úvěrové centrum

We provide assistance in resolving financial problems. Provides loans, mortgages. The advantage is a mortgage without proof of income and for clients in the registry of debtors

Pražská tř. 563/99, České Budějovice 3

Pavel Pravda-řemeslné práce

Welcome to our site craft work. We hope to interest you so that you do not have a reason to visit another site aimed at building reconstruction and craft servic...

Doudlebská 14, České Budějovice

Dr.Cepák spol. s r.o. - reality SPEKTRUM

Our company will sell or lease your real estate, land, factories, cottages, houses, flats. We provide comprehensive property management. We are your partner for the sale of real estate.

Jar. Haška 1818/1, České Budějovice

Augustinová & Partner, s.r.o.

We offer a public auction, valuation of movable and immovable assets. We run a real estate activities. We provide business consultancy and accounting, and provide various types of loans and mortgages.

Žižkova tř. 175/5a, České Budějovice 6


Real estate agency providing sales and rental apartments and real estate, legal and credit services. We will process the purchase and lease valuations for real property and fully arrange the property transfer tax, including tax returns and pay taxes.

Rudolfovská tř. 1986/21, České Budějovice

IRLA, s.r.o.

Our company is engaged in building houses on a turnkey type bungalow, low energy houses, passive houses and both wooden and brick. Furthermore, we provide earthworks and removal of material. Real estate agency offers building plots for construction of family houses, apartments, houses and commercial properties.

Komenského 68/23, České Budějovice

KDT, a.s.

Company engaged in the construction of residential files, run a real estate development activities.

Lannova tř. 136/32, České Budějovice


Sales and rental of residential premises

Rudolfovská tř. 64/34, České Budějovice

Reality Jindřich

Sales and rental of residential premises

Žižkova tř. 309/12, České Budějovice


Our real estate company advertises 100,000 properties from thousands of Realtors. We offer sales and leasing of property (apartments, 1 +1, 2 +1, 2 + kk, 3 +1, 4 +1, family and apartment houses, land, cottages, offices). We have news, development projects and commercial spaces.

Kostelní 942/46, České Budějovice

Seterm CB a. s.

Company focused on Property Management - Facility Management - a full supply of construction and distribution systems, such as electrical work. Another activity is to offer attractive accommodation in a tourist area lake.

Nemanická 2208/16, České Budějovice


Specialized agency for sale and rental apartments in and around Czech Budejovice, real estate, a complete service - apartments and properties. Offering party pay commission. Sale or lease, quickly and safely. Offer Web site updated daily.

Jeronýmova 214/9, České Budějovice


Lannova tř. 205/16, České Budějovice

Horník, s.r.o.

Real estate company specializing in brokering the sale, purchase and lease of real property throughout the South Bohemia. Advice to clients for free. We provide legal services, the purchase agreement, land deposits, estimates and negotiations with authorities. We will offer you a free appropriate means of financing.

Husova tř. 685/17, České Budějovice

Realitní kancelář DUO, s.r.o.

Sale and rental properties. Our company is focused primarily on the reality of South Bohemia - apartments, houses, cottages, land, commercial and residential real estate. Coming Jenisov Resort development project - apartments lake.

Nádražní 124/31, České Budějovice

RK Partner - realitní kancelář

Our real estate company offering apartments, houses, cottages, chalets, land, commercial buildings. Possible direct purchase of real estate. Quality legal services are commonplace, you arrange the mortgage, expert advice, real estate transfer tax. The seller, our services free of charge.

Radniční 133/1, České Budějovice

RONDO - obchodní a realitní společnost, s.r.o.

We offer professional real estate agency services relating to the sale or purchase of your property by estimating the value to the land registration.

Krajinská 37/4, České Budějovice

Dalibor Žáček - realitní kancelář

Buying, selling and renting real estate. We provide funding and a public auction.

Hradební 476/9a, České Budějovice


The company provides real estate agency services.

Husova tř. 1847/5, České Budějovice

Bonus České Budějovice, spol. s r.o.

The company is focused on facilitating the sale, purchase and lease.

Hroznová 247/32, České Budějovice

Atrium Na Sadech, s.r.o.

Real estate company providing management and leasing their properties.

Na Sadech 21, České Budějovice

Alfion II., s.r.o.

The company leasing the space.

Plachého 298/24, České Budějovice

Alfareality - realitní kancelář, s.r.o.

Real estate agency providing sales, purchasing, renting apartments and real estate for residential and business. Housing finance.

Hroznová 47/15, České Budějovice

KT - Služby plus, s.r.o.

Company providing a complete management for home owners and community housing associations, including bookkeeping and ensure emergency services. Currently in České Budějovice in the administration of about 4000 bytes.

Žižkova tř. 1321/1, České Budějovice

První jihočeská realitní, spol. s r.o.

Real estate company focused on buying, selling and renting real estate. Offer legal services and mortgage brokerage. Implementation of development activities.

Česká 145/58, České Budějovice

Fin - Real, finance a reality

Real estate agency providing sales, purchase and leasing of real estate and financial advice on loans and insurance, or their implementation.

Lannova tř. 137/32, České Budějovice

Aplaus Reality

Real estate company offering comprehensive and professional services in selling, buying and renting your property. We will deal with everything from security work, law and financial services to tax returns. All the services are free for homeowners.

Mánesova 11/3b, České Budějovice


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