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U pily 666, České Budějovice

Jiří Bohoněk Izolace potrubí

Accommodation in two double-bedroom kitchenette with refrigerator, toilet and shower.

Staroměstská 6, České Budějovice 3

Pletiva Dobrý a Urbánek (Branch České Budějovice)

České Vrbné 1902, České Budějovice

DVEŘE OKNA U SVĚTA Třeboň s.r.o.

We can supply plastic and wooden windows, internal doors and Sapeli Prüm, garage doors and shutters. We provide complete services. Disassembly and assembly, including transportation, bricklayer's finishing, the removal of old windows. Provide a guarantee of 5 years.

U Světa 1006, Třeboň

TRE MAS s.r.o.

Židovská 571, Mladá Vožice


Produce and mount plastic and aluminum windows. Plastic, aluminum doors, sliding doors and fire doors, glass facades, winter gardens. Will further restoration, masonry, and window and door assembly of accessories.

Rudolfovská tř. 73/46, České Budějovice

Petr Hebík - Prodej podlahových krytin

I offer for your interior floors floating wood, laminate, cork, natural Linorado, solid wood floors. Complete assembly and delivery, including training and compensation work. The offer I have the mats, PVC-NOVILON, IVC, Fatra.

Strážkovice 122, Strážkovice

Kalvas & Hybš, spol. s r.o. (Branch České Budějovice)

Husova tř. 1373, České Budějovice

Ladislav Šoule - vrata, žaluzie

Mount and sale of industrial and garage doors, entrance gates, grilles, shutters and blinds for translation HELUZ. We supply and install blinds, awnings, insect screens, plastic folding doors.

Tyršova 758, Zliv


Wholesale and retail operation in the field of water heating, waste and building materials. Sell sealants, foams, adhesives Den Braven, tools, Tectane aerosols, paints and concrete roofs, Polycol - liquid floor tiles, KB block Rigips - Romans YTONG, KVK, Isover insulation.

Alej Míru 793, Týn nad Vltavou

Invo CB, s.r.o.

Offer supplies windows, doors, staircases, blinds, shutters and mosquito nets. Companies we are able to completely solve the supply for their actions. Leadership as we sheltered workshop, and thus offer the possibility of relief.

Žižkova tř. 309/12, České Budějovice


Offer garage and shielding techniques. We supply sectional garage and industrial doors Olymps Door, Side slide, scroll, quick. We will make entry gates swing, s...

U Zlaté stoky 554, Litvínovice, České Budějovice

Contour CZ, spol. s r.o.

Produce, deliver and assemble plastic windows and doors from 6-and 5-chamber profiles Dimex the center seal. Plastic windows and doors fitted with aluminum prof...

Poříčí 247, Boršov nad Vltavou


We supply building materials and building materials. Wholesale, retail, transportation. Offer roofing KM BETA TONDACH, BRAMAC, Gutta, shingles, bricks and brick...

Novohradská 1604, České Budějovice

Betonpres Týn nad Vltavou, s.r.o.

Produce and sell roofing and building materials. Sell roofing, concrete tiles of all types and assembly accessories. We offer all construction material including transport and composition of HR. Professional and technical advice free of charge.

Havlíčkova 381, Týn nad Vltavou

Sell high-quality thermal insulation Ursa, Isover, Orsil, Rockwool, Knauf. Sell thermal, acoustic and fire insulation of mineral fibers on sloped roofs and ceil...

Družstevní 170/34, České Budějovice

HELUZ cihlářský průmysl, v.o.s.

We provide a comprehensive production system for rough brick building, brick blocks SUPERTHERM P + D, STI, WB SUPERTHERM bricks, ceilings and lintels JISTROP. R...

U Cihelny 295, Dolní Bukovsko

DEXET - Automatické pohony vrat

Drives for doors, gates, doors, garage doors, gates, automatic gates. Range of remote control, security and controls. Building hardware, fittings for detachable...

U Pily 636, České Budějovice


We will offer sales and installation of family and public swimming pools Jean Desjoyaux, swimming pool roofing, accessories - laminated cover, counter-currents, whirlpools and sauna in the PDC. We provide renovation of existing swimming pool kits.

Květná 463/12, České Budějovice

Hůlka - strojní omítky

We offer a complete supply of double-layer material including internal plaster. Using modern machinery plaster, galvanized reinforcing corners, foil tapes. Guaranteeing the professionalism of our employees.

Čechova 694/10, Lišov

Okno-Plast PN, s.r.o.

Produce, assemble plastic windows, doors, conservatories, window sills. Replace windows and give the panel as well as houses. Everything, including all accessories - blinds, shutters, mosquito nets. Using a 5-and 6-chamber profile Deceuninck.

Dobrovodská 101/34, České Budějovice

Peter Habina -dlažby a obklady

Selling Natural stone: sandstone, limestone, marlite, quartzite, shale, andesite, porphyry, solitary. Performing paving and tiling work, paving the English, Venetian. I build stone walls, cellar, přizdívky, we produce: gutters, flower pots, plates.

Rudolfovská tř. 498/170, České Budějovice

Stakoplast cz, spol. s r.o.

Produce plastic windows, doors, conservatories, garages. Free advice. Secure the loan, assembly, disassembly, transportation. Reinforcing profiles for plastic windows. Quality profiles from the world's leading manufacturer of company VEKA.

Vojnova 281, Týn nad Vltavou

DS Technik, s.r.o.

Offer door drives, gates, doors and garage doors, building hardware for sliding gates and swing gates, parking and access systems, exclusive representation PROT...

Pod Stromovkou 209, Litvínovice

JULIA UNO Group, spol. s r.o.

Sell paving, tiles, mosaics, granite. We supply products from companies Emil Ceramica, Aparici, Apavisa, Floorgres, Ceri, Edilcuoghi, granite Fiadre, Keraben, Opicolor, ABK, Imoker, Ceramica Magica, Sannin, ECO, Saicis, Vogue.

Litvínovická 1478, České Budějovice

Montera, spol. s r.o.

Produce and supply plastic windows and doors. Plastic windows and doors with aluminum casing and a revolutionary new technology ALUFUSION - windows with aluminum cladding without glazing bars. Color of the whole pattern and choice of wood decor.

Munice 73, Hluboká nad Vltavou


A company with a 15 - year experience in the flooring industry. We make approximately 325 shares per year, representing 18 thousand. m2 of floor space. Sales-laying, refurbishment of all types of flooring. Wholesale flooring chemistry Lobo.

Fr. Ondříčka 1162/50, České Budějovice

Schody Stadler, s.r.o.

Wooden and steel staircases. We provide complete services - consultation, design, manufacture, installation and related services.

Husova tř. 1373/13, České Budějovice

PALA CB, v.o.s.

We can offer manufacture, sale, installation and service of garage and industrial doors. We can supply entry gates, parking systems, gates, security grills, retina technique. Authorized Dealer door Kružík. Outdoor shutters, awnings, blinds.

Jaronice 13, Dubné


Windows, wooden and plastic windows and doors from 6-chamber profile GEALAN. Offer comprehensive services: the price of windows and a focus free, production, transportation, dismantling and disposal, installation of windows, masonry finishing. We can supply accessories - window sills, blinds.

Klaricova 873/22, České Budějovice

Otherm CB, s.r.o.

We manufacture, sell and assemble plastic, aluminum and wood windows, doors and windows. Offer specialization, assembly, disassembly and disposal of old windows, masonry finishing. We provide everything including accessories - window sills, blinds, insect screens.

Lidická tř. 2118, České Budějovice - e-chop

Building materials and building material. Construction, all products for building and construction of doors and windows, concrete products, masonry materials, p...

Masarykova 40, Hluboká nad Vltavou

Jan Špinar - garážová a stínicí technika

I make garage doors, sectional, roller, industrial, automatic gates, sliding, swing, self-supporting. I offer bars, parking entrance systems, blinds, nets, blinds, awnings, balcony glazing, security grills, shutters, garage motors, price list.

Rudolfovská tř. 1965/29, České Budějovice

FALCO - BETA, s.r.o.

Sell building materials, specializing in plaster boards, insulation, ceilings and building chemistry. We provide installation of interior systems, supply of complete interior and facade insulation systems.

Horní 2671, České Budějovice


Offer forged gates and fences, doors and floors are manufactured in the People's Republic. Direct importer of Chinese goods in their own warehouses and shop. Large selection of quality goods including exotic species.

Suchomelská 538/10, České Budějovice


Sell anaerobic adhesives for securing, consolidating, packing, contact, and UV hot melt adhesives, poles granules, resin, sealing materials, adhesives for electrical, liquid metals, construction adhesives. Offer brand Belzoni, LOXEAL.

Lipenská 869/17, České Budějovice

R.S.P., s.r.o.

Offer sills inner fiber and plastic, aluminum exterior, window and door handle HOPPE, KFV locks, closers GEZE, SIMONSWERK hinges, stuffing and decorative plates STADUR. From a reputable brand with high quality workmanship.

Nádražní 165, Týn nad Vltavou

OKNO - TREND, s.r.o.

Mount and produce plastic and wooden windows and doors, conservatories plastic, aluminum insects network to windows and doors, interior wood doors, interior and exterior window sills, blinds and shutters. We will provide, including masonry work.

nám. Švabinského 961/10, České Budějovice


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