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Even stone shop with a focus on white goods, built-in appliances and electronics. We deliver fridges, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, cookers, ...

Nemanická 437/5, České Budějovice

Sony Centrum ellex gk

Sony consumer electronics. Purchasing electronics SONY BRAVIA LCD televisions, VAIO notebooks, camcorders, digital cameras, Playstation, DVD and HDD recorders, home cinema, JAMO speaker kits, mobile phones.

Husova tř. 1837/20, České Budějovice

Elektro Voráček - Kuchyňské studio

Operates 3 shops and stone kitchen studio Schüller. I focused on electronics, white goods, built-in appliances and electronics. Add refrigerators, freezers, wi...

Chelčického 81/19, České Budějovice

Seguro, s.r.o.

Satellites offer, car alarms, home phones and video phones, security systems Jablotron, access control systems, voltage converters, weather stations, batteries and battery chargers, flashlights. All the e-shop. We provide installation, service.

Lidická tř. 1109/167, České Budějovice

Šicí centrum Haišman

I offer sewing machines, embroidery machines, overlocks, coverlocky, Pfaff mangles, ironing equipment, tailor virgins, we sell supplies for Patchwork and Quilting. Warranty and service. Wholesale haberdashery Prym and Madeira.

Krajinská 30/11, České Budějovice

Jaromír Pokorný - Melodie

Shop Audio - Video - HiFi - TV. Click here plasma and LCD TVs, home theater, DVD, MP3, audio systems, speakers, amplifiers, antennas, satellites. Offer digital ...

Husova tř. 1826/10, České Budějovice

Petr Študlar - Prodej elektrospotřebičů

We import and sell consumer electronics, mobile phones, equipment, cars and laptops.

Vodní 561/8a, České Budějovice

Elektro Novák CB, s.r.o.

Kitchen appliances, including the peace. I offer home appliances, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, televisions, DVD, audio. Studio embedded appliances. Do to ensure delivery and installation for free. Cash sale and hire.

třída 5. května 13/123, Lišov

Montalarm, s.r.o.

Mount security system (ESS), installation and satellite TV antennas and wiring. We sell and install camera systems (CCTV), audio and videovrátný, low-voltage installations, fire alarm system EPS.

Čechova 728/52, České Budějovice


Offer aerial and satellite, aerial and satellite systems on a turnkey basis. Comprehensive services in reception of radio, television and satellite signals - digital and analog. We provide measuring, installation, repair, inspection and advice.

Dubné 162, Dubné

Jaroslav Chlad - servis

We provide servicing and sale of computer equipment, computers and computer networks, also offer sale and installation of satellites, satellite systems and antennas.

Prokišova 348/10, České Budějovice

Corsim, spol. s r.o.

Sales of satellite technology, antenna systems for terrestrial TV reception, telecommunications equipment, consumer electronics. Measurement of TV signals, installation, service and advice.

Mostecká 267, Týn nad Vltavou

JH SYSTEMS, s.r.o.

We supply fasteners: bolts, screws, nuts, washers, rivets, anchors, chemical anchors Fischer. Offer hand and power tools Bosch, Stanley, TONA, abrasives, adhesives, tapes, protective equipment. Bosch Service. Parking in front of a shop.

B. Němcové 327/36, České Budějovice

Stelkon, s.r.o.

Sale of boilers and water heaters

Mánesova 390/74, České Budějovice

Prointernet, s.r.o.

Offer the opportunity for personal pick up goods from e-shop in the stone store.

Novohradská 1452/1, České Budějovice

T v A servis, spol. s r.o.

Sales of audio-visual electronics

Čechova 1464/47, České Budějovice

Jiří Kaska - Prodej audiovizuální elektroniky

Vendor provides installation and servicing of aerial and satellite technology.

Fr. Ondříčka 1109/44, České Budějovice

Milan Tripes - Prodej elektrospotřebičů

Deal with sales of white goods, branded consumer electronics, PCs and accessories.

Fr. Ondříčka 1209/22, České Budějovice

Elektro Štěch - Prodej domácích elektrospotřebičů

Store appliances with a long tradition. Offer washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, cookers, LCD TVs, plasma, DVD, audio, video equipment of all brands.

Fr. Ondříčka 1162/50, České Budějovice

Emanuel Aleš - Prodej domácích elektrospotřebičů

I sell consumer electronics.

M. Chlajna 1292/2, České Budějovice

Václav Jaksch - elektro-služby

Sales of audio-visual electronics

Husova tř. 116/97, České Budějovice

Petr Vacek - Prodej audiovizuální elektroniky

Sales of audio-visual electronics

U Výstaviště 1429, České Budějovice

EMK elektromontáže, s.r.o.

Through the design, installation and repair of antennas and satellite, aerial and satellite systems, including their distribution. Začisťujeme installation in houses, guest houses, hotels and residential prefabricated houses. Addressing individual and common antennae and satellites.

Jírovcova 858/75, České Budějovice

Bílek - elektro, spol. s r.o.

Sell Electronics.

Průběžná 2495/18, České Budějovice

Irena Búsová - Prodej šicích strojů

We sell spare parts for sewing machines for household purposes. In our parts of sewing machine brands Veritas FAMUL, Rubin, Lucznik, finesse, Lada, Singer, etc. All for ordering through our e-shop.

Šeříková 1128/10, České Budějovice

Alena Helmichová - elektro u Helmichů

I sell household appliances.

Otakarova 2530/2, České Budějovice

Petr Osčatko - Prodej audiovizuální elektroniky

Sales of audio-visual electronics

Třeboňská 672, Borovany

Ladislav Hruška - Prodej kuchyňských spotřebičů

We sell and provide service branded coffee and beer cool.

Ke Hradu 114, Týn nad Vltavou

VV & J, s.r.o.

Sale of boilers and water heaters

Vinařického náměstí 206, Týn nad Vltavou

Miroslav Stráský - Prodej elektrospotřebičů

Sell electrical appliances.

Žižkovo náměstí 139, Trhové Sviny

F&K Satelity, antény, TV

Shop and satellite antenna technology, digital television center. Offer digital TV - Set-top boxes Freeview, satellite, antenna common TV antenna. Malo and wholesale - a complete solution - from design to installation.

Lidická tř. 1002/143, České Budějovice

Milan Kollouch - Prodej audiovizuální elektroniky

Selling and installs antennas and satellites.

Fr. Škroupa 636/4, České Budějovice

Josef Kindl - Antény

Provides assembly of digital terrestrial television broadcasts, analog and digital satellite antennas. run a repair and maintenance of private antennas.

Za Škardou 273, Srubec

MM audio

We sell and provide installation of digital satellite receivers (EN-link), satellites, antennas, and distribution of digital TV signals. We provide an immediate transition from analogue to digital TV signal, satellite and terrestrial digital TV signal into your home.

Křenovice 117, Dubné

Jiří Šemík Prodej elektrospotřebičů

Buy home appliances.

Kvítkovice 9, Kvítkovice

Montela, s.r.o.

Sell antennas and satellites, spare parts and components for elektrospotřebičům.

U jeslí 494/1, České Budějovice

Šicí centrum Radovský - echop

We offer a wide selection of sewing machines of all brands. All the seamstresses and tailors' shops. See knitting machines, tailors maidens, iron (irons, boards, presses, almonds) and cutting technique. Textile and metal accessories.

Senovážné nám. 232/9, České Budějovice

Peter Bednárovský - Prodej elektrospotřebičů

Retailer of electronics and wiring material.

B. Smetany 1599/6, České Budějovice

Josef Kružliak - Ellex

Selling audiovisual electronics.

Rudolfovská tř. 64/34, České Budějovice

Irena Havlíčková - Prodej elektrospotřebičů

Provide the sale of audio and video equipment, digital cameras, mobile phones and domestic appliances.

Lannova tř. 207/12, České Budějovice


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