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Sell a reference Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Full warranty and service. Imports according to individual requirements. Cars in stock or for delivery within 7 days.

Rudolfovská tř. 64/34, České Budějovice

Porsche České Budějovice

Authorized dealer, provides service for cars VW, Skoda and Audi, VW commercial vehicles, sell and buy used and trade-ins, financing, insurance, full maintenance services, spare parts and accessories, tire service, towing service nonstop.

Okružní 2257, České Budějovice

Auto Češňovice, s.r.o.

Choose from to 175 vehicles on an area covering an area of 10,000 square meters. We buy vehicles, consignment sales, convenient installment sale, bezúvěrová loan, lease-back option, a guarantee of origin of the car.

Češnovice 89, Češnovice

ACR auto, a.s.

Authorized zastoupce BMW in South Bohemia. Authorized dealers and authorized repair service contract. Sportage, Sorento. We sell new and used cars, we buy. We provide: an authorized service center, helpdesk, bicycle, lifestyle shop.

Pražská 286, Borek

AUTOBAZAR H - H, s.r.o.

Sell cars with credit and no down payment. Lease back to your car. When you purchase you will receive the money immediately. Parking, car insurance, advertising and legal safeguards provided. HAV ZP and insurance in place. Permanent naber car into commission. Selection of min. 90 cars.

Ke Střelnici 287, Borovany

AUTO - PROBE, s.r.o.

Operation bazaar, arrange the purchase and sale of passenger and commercial vehicles. Brokerage, sale and purchase of vehicles. Arrange financing vehicles. We offer auto service.

Jivno 53, Jivno

ACB Auta, s.r.o.

Dovožíme prodsváme and used cars from abroad.

Litvínovice 3, Litvínovice

AUTOMA Car, spol. s r.o.

Sell cars and trucks.

Rudolfovská tř. 552, České Budějovice

Milan Kněžíček

Operation bazaar. Liability insurance will pay for. Loans to place, Counter for your car. Possibility of personal choice of two thousand cars in Germany.

Okružní 485/2, České Budějovice

Jan Stráský

Dovožím nehavarovaných and sell cars with the guarantee of origin. Provide full service.

Planá 34, Planá

Jaroslav Komrska - Autobazar

Buy and sell motor vehicles, brokerage sales, leasing and vehicle insurance.

Hlinská , České Budějovice

Autocentrum CB, s.r.o.

We sell and dovožím new and used cars and provide leasing and loans.

Dobrovodská 157/12, České Budějovice

Josef Hron

Selling vehicles and dovožím buys new and used cars to order. I shall ensure compulsory and accident insurance and financing.

Okružní 621/1a, České Budějovice

Milan Vavřina - Autobazar

We run a shop with used cars.

Dobrovodská 155/11, České Budějovice

CABRIO, s.r.o.

Bazaar cars

Planá 70, Planá

Jaroslav Čipera - Bazar nákladních a užitkových automobilů

Bazaar trucks and utility vehicles

Hlinská 456/2, České Budějovice

Milan Rytíř - Prodej ojetých vozů ze zahraničí

Sales of used cars from abroad

Riegrova 1718/75, České Budějovice

Lunit, spol. s r.o.

Bazaar trucks and utility vehicles

Rudolfovská tř. 130/67, České Budějovice

Petr Kutiš - Bazar osobních automobilů

Bazaar cars

Okružní , České Budějovice

Martin Peterka - Bazar osobních automobilů

Bazaar cars

Vrbenská 199/25, České Budějovice

MIHA CZ, s.r.o.

We run a bazaar and offer towing services.

Okružní 531, České Budějovice

Markéta Pelikánová - Autobazar

Buy and sell used cars.

Na sádkách , České Budějovice

Alena Nováková - Autobazary

I sell used cars. Arrange consignment sale.

Planá 34,

EU Automobile s.r.o.

We sell new and used vehi. We will offer sales of all brands of cars, consignment sale, purchase for cash, trade-in, the valuation of your car, as well as statutory accident insurance. We provide financing through your selected vehicle lease or loan.

Okružní 1842/5, České Budějovice

Aston Eurotrading, s.r.o.

Operation of the bazaar with a complete service for clients. We buy into the vehi Commission, the possibility of loans and leases.

J. Š. Baara 1696/77, České Budějovice

Automotospeed, s.r.o.


Pištín-Češnovice 90, Pištín

Specialization is for sale and purchase of crashed vehicles. Car buying cut performed nonstop, you can use SMS or email. Money for car damaged vyplácíme immediately. Car buying can be cut from the companies we are subject to VAT.

Pištín 82, Pištín

Zdeněk Jakeš - Autobazar

Selling cars, construction machinery and spare parts.

Jivenská 435/6, Rudolfov

Evžen Forman - Autobazar

Selling cars with the possibility of brokering the sale. Offering car insurance, loans. Private Ads.

Hlubocká 51, Borovany

Jiří Malík

Mediate the sale of vehicles under 3.5 tonnes Insurance Liability Motor. I shall ensure credit and leasing of cars and offer the spare parts.

Na Výhony 671, Borovany

Scharon, s.r.o.

Bazaar cars

Průmyslová , Týn nad Vltavou

Martin Sobota - Prodej ojetých vozů ze zahraničí

Sales of used cars from abroad

Lipová 407, Týn nad Vltavou


Sell cars.

Pražská 395, Borek

Jan Luxa - Autobazar

We run a shop with used cars.

Dobrovodská 153/14, České Budějovice

Moto CB, s.r.o.

Sell used cars and motorcycles.

Ledenická 1154/93, České Budějovice

Petr Šimánek - Autobazar

Offer car damaged. Provides import and crashed the car as required from abroad. I also offer the possibility of towing, or transport vehicle by towing services.

Rudolfovská tř. 461/95, České Budějovice

Alexandr Měšťan - Autobazar

We offer services bazaar.

Rudolfovská tř. 316/166, České Budějovice


Buy and sell passenger cars. We will offer a vehicle lease and loan and repayments. We provide a complete service, vehicle insurance and registration and check-out at the town office.

Litvínovická 399/14, České Budějovice

UV Autobazar

Operation bazaar selling cars.

Litvínovice 218, Litvínovice

CarLex, s.r.o.

We buy and sell cars and vans. We rent roof racks and boxes.

Masarykova 979, Hluboká nad Vltavou


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