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FOFR stěhovací služba

Moving services throughout the Republic. We move: housing, company archives. Disassemble and assemble furniture, shipping boxes to rent. Specialist in heavy loads and machines - machines, safes, pianos. Services, furniture disposal.

Hlubocká 595, Borovany

Polo Bohemia, s.r.o.

We offer the sale and manufacture of packaging machines - flowpack, vertical packing machines, horizontal lines, liquid filling machines, shrink packaging films, robots, machines for packing into boxes.

Rudolfovská tř. 202/88, České Budějovice 4

Pandor safe, s.r.o.

Physical security for the sale of company

Průběžná 2492/8, České Budějovice

Martin Kraus

Servicing forklifts Desta, Balkancar, Clark, Rocla, Lifter, Still, spare parts, tires vzdušnicové, superelastic, traction battery and starter. Installation of additional equipment. Technical inspections, inspections of LPG driver training.

Rudolfovská tř. 498/170, České Budějovice 4

RESIT s.r.o. - reklama & sítotisk

offer advertising services, information systems and banners, printing bags, production of stickers

Dolní 2102/2, České Budějovice 3


Manufacture, supply and installation of office, laboratory, medical and hotel furniture.

Na sádkách 703/1, České Budějovice 2

Studio Gabreta, spol. s r.o.

reklanmí agency nabýzející complete advertising and marketing communication and publishing

Rudolfovská tř. 64/34, České Budějovice 6

Biller & Burda, s.r.o.

manufacturer of compressors usable in stebnictví, industry, hospitals. We also offer service and rental equipment; processing of concrete and high-pressure cleaning machines

Litvínovická 1469, České Budějovice

Sigma České Budějovice, spol. s r.o.

We make municipal cleaning machines, stainless steel railings, building construction, steel and stainless tanks, lamella usazováky. Sell municipal systems, sidewalk, road sweepers, DAMPERS, additional cleaning machines VKH. Winter maintenance of roads.

Nádražní 304, Včelná


Design, supply, installation and servicing of air conditioning, ventilation, filtration, dust and air heating. Revision of fire dampers. ISO 9001

U Výstaviště 486/15, České Budějovice 2

Tiskárna Šumava

Company focused on the implementation of offset printing to A2 (leaflets, posters, magazines and corporate materials), DTP graphic studio, perforation, numbering, folding, and bookbinding work. Perform foil printing - foil stamping and hot stamp Trodat produce while you wait.

Nádražní 100/51, České Budějovice


We offer a car service, tire service and MOT. We deliver cylindrical brake test, testers silencers, indicators will axles, and exhaust analyzer exhaust regloskopy, performance testing, and compressors. We are exclusive suppliers of goods firm Cartec.

Klavíkova 1820/18, České Budějovice 3

Cápal Ivan - Trezory

Physical security for the sale of company

Olšová 2052/1, Dobrá Voda u Českých Budějovic

Josa, s.r.o.

Mediation service in the production of fans, silencers, we process the metals and nonmetals, cutting laeserem, water, plasma, propane, We machine, weld, balances and transport.

Karla Uhlíře 1917/42, České Budějovice 5

Čistící stroje s.r.o.

firm offers, and provides service lends vysokotkakýchčitících machine tags KÄRCHER

Litvínovice 319, Litvínovice

NICOS, s.r.o.

Printing. We manufacture envelopes, business bags, acknowledgment of receipt, return receipts, letterheads, continuous forms, flyers, brochures, graphic design. Processing bulk - direct mail service.

Vrbenská 2044/6, České Budějovice 5

Effect DISTRIBUCE, s.r.o.

distribution of leaflets and printed materials throughout the Republic

Senovážné nám. 248/2, České Budějovice 6(1. patro vpravo)

Reklamní agentura eF, s.r.o.

advertising agency providing advertising services kopletního, catalogs, brochures, leaflets and souvenirs

Příčná 135/3, České Budějovice 4

SyNext, s.r.o.

companies, which in its consulting services focused in the areas of: quality management, business management and marketing and promotion

Branišovská 9/16, České Budějovice 2

AG COMERC, s.r.o.

Sell prospering companies and companies with excellent service. Sale of entire companies and shares, Ltd., as individuals. Valuations, real estate services.

nám. Švabinského 961/10, České Budějovice 6

Wimmer International CZ, s.r.o.

Production work tool hydraulic excavators, hydraulic kladivel, pliers breakers, vibratory plate and cutters

Rudolfovská tř. 574/170a, České Budějovice

Besemi, s.r.o.

Mediate foreign business

Dlouhá 221, Hrdějovice

Obchodní služby Holik, s.r.o.

Operation of advice on business and management.

Žižkova tř. 221/13, České Budějovice

PTR strojní závod Třeboň, s.r.o.

The company is engaged in the manufacture of machinery and machinery for forestry. The main products include traditional and especially machines for timber handling and mechanisms for forest cultivation.

Jiráskova 619, Třeboň II

Paul Anthony Gribbin - Gribbin Design

The company engaged in creating advertising presentations for companies and individuals.

Hradební 72, České Budějovice

X FIRE, s.r.o.

Providing service in the field of fire protection systems.

Hosín , Hosín

U-SERVIS, s.r.o.

, management accounting, tax records and business counseling

Svobody 1012, Třeboň II

Štěpán Zavadil

# Firm offering design and production of advertising signs, design and manufacture of banners and tarpaulins, design and implementation of corporate signs of shops and restaurants of self-adhesive foil, paper advertising cars, neon signs, plastic bags

Dukelská 133, Třeboň I

BIBER, s.r.o.

sell brand mobile chipper beaver and the Finnish company Oy Ab Wikar the sale of forestry transportation lifts and hydraulic lift arms brand KRONOS.

Dynín 66, Dynín

Eva Miglová - Evax

Provides service, rental and sale of vacuum cleaners and Corporate Vax cleaners and humidifiers

Mírová 1693/18, Dobrá Voda u Českých Budějovic

EuroLevel, s.r.o.

Provides all outsourcing services personnel

U Křížku 1642/22, Dobrá Voda u Českých Budějovic

KUHN - MT, spol. s r.o.

sale, installation and servicing of hydraulic loading cranes, hook and ramenových Palift container carriers, hydraulic loading cranes for handling of agricultural products, hydraulic loading Palgate forehead and accessories for hydraulic loading cranes

Okružní , České Budějovice 4(u kruhového objezdu)

VialEste CZ, s.r.o.

offer advice on management and economics

nám. Přemysla Otakara II. 10/6, České Budějovice 1

Yada, s.r.o.

production of promotional films, making documentaries, commercials teleshoppingových production, production of commercials, corporate film production, private ...

Dr. Tůmy 1602/3, České Budějovice 3

Segal, s.r.o.

Offering services in business consulting in sales and marketing

Kanovnická 376/5, České Budějovice 1

ViaSyst, s.r.o.

ensure assistance in the preparation of documentation and training: Quality Management System according to ISO 9000 including the 2000 revision of the environme...

Biskupská 129/1, České Budějovice 1

Vladimír Rajchl

Production of UL-wing aircraft with 05,450 kg for the U.S. S-Wing S 06 575 kg

L. M. Pařízka 495/8, České Budějovice 7

Bohemian Art & Glass Center

Arrange art exhibitions for artists, museums and schools. We provide exhibitions and works prodek

Zahradní čtvrť 263, Nové Hrady

Zdeněk Neumann

financial advisory and investment, building savings, pension

Plachého 59/4, České Budějovice 1

Miroslav Kolář, prodej vzduchotechniky

Provision of services in sales and installation of air conditioning. We provide locksmith tool and work.

Pištín-Češnovice 53, Pištín


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