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Callao, s.r.o.

We provide service, service and consulting in advertisement

Hroznová 47/15, České Budějovice 1

CZECH TRADE & SERVICES, s.r.o. -e shop

We offer services and products in direct representation of companies.

Lidická tř. 577/96, České Budějovice 7

Czech fin - servisní a poradenská, s.r.o.

The company offers complete financial services and deals with the analysis of financial market

Mánesova 459/46, České Budějovice 6

Paul Anthony Gribbin - Gribbin Design

The company engaged in creating advertising presentations for companies and individuals.

Hradební 72, České Budějovice

Bonno gastro servis, s.r.o.

Offers the sale of work clothing, food, beverages

Husova tř. 523/30, České Budějovice 2

Ing. Pavel Dort - Strojírenská zařízení

Production equipment for automotive industry

Prachatická 1193/5, České Budějovice

Oldřich Kohout - poradenství v oblasti financí

Firm engaged in providing complete financial consulting. Offer insurance mediation and mortgage loans. Implementation of the consolidation loan's length.

K. Štěcha 1222/20, České Budějovice

B & K České Budějovice, spol. s r.o.

provide expert advice and services in the field of occupational safety and inspection of technical equipment

Komenského 68/23, České Budějovice 7

Coney CZ, s.r.o.

We offer services focused on promotional activities

Rudolfovská tř. 2010/1, České Budějovice 3

Bc. Jiří Prajer - finanční poradce

Provides full service and advice on housing finance, financial security and investment

Hradební 476/9a, České Budějovice 1

Zdeněk Neumann

financial advisory and investment, building savings, pension

Plachého 59/4, České Budějovice 1

Yada, s.r.o.

production of promotional films, making documentaries, commercials teleshoppingových production, production of commercials, corporate film production, private ...

Dr. Tůmy 1602/3, České Budějovice 3

Vladimír Rajchl

Production of UL-wing aircraft with 05,450 kg for the U.S. S-Wing S 06 575 kg

L. M. Pařízka 495/8, České Budějovice 7

Argosan, s.r.o.

We provide wholesale brokerage

Lannova tř. 51/23, České Budějovice 6

ViaSyst, s.r.o.

ensure assistance in the preparation of documentation and training: Quality Management System according to ISO 9000 including the 2000 revision of the environme...

Biskupská 129/1, České Budějovice 1

Segal, s.r.o.

Offering services in business consulting in sales and marketing

Kanovnická 376/5, České Budějovice 1

Catera, s.r.o.

We provide consulting and design services. provide services in the erection, dismantling and deliver velkokuchyňské techniques and supplies

Žižkova tř. 309/12, České Budějovice 6


We provide consultancy and advisory services in project management and regional development, process feasibility studies and financial analysis

Jírovcova 1863/1, České Budějovice 3

XY reklama, s.r.o.

supply of advertising services

Ant. Barcala 1252/4, České Budějovice 2

Výstaviště České Budějovice, a.s.

Organizing trade fairs and exhibitions, the realization of external contracts, offer comprehensive advertising services to clients in the South Bohemia region, Czech Republic and other European countries

Husova tř. 523/30, České Budějovice 2

Project - B, s.r.o.

firm offering advertising

Školní 404/4, České Budějovice 3

PeSoft, spol. s r.o.

the company offers consulting and support services in information and communication systems.

Novohradská 1147/103, České Budějovice

Roman Procházka

offer advertising, sign making, pad printing, digital printing

Jasanová 1592/12, České Budějovice 6

EuroLevel, s.r.o.

Provides all outsourcing services personnel

U Křížku 1642/22, Dobrá Voda u Českých Budějovic

Eva Miglová - Evax

Provides service, rental and sale of vacuum cleaners and Corporate Vax cleaners and humidifiers

Mírová 1693/18, Dobrá Voda u Českých Budějovic

BIBER, s.r.o.

sell brand mobile chipper beaver and the Finnish company Oy Ab Wikar the sale of forestry transportation lifts and hydraulic lift arms brand KRONOS.

Dynín 66, Dynín

Besemi, s.r.o.

Mediate foreign business

Dlouhá 221, Hrdějovice

PTR strojní závod Třeboň, s.r.o.

The company is engaged in the manufacture of machinery and machinery for forestry. The main products include traditional and especially machines for timber handling and mechanisms for forest cultivation.

Jiráskova 619, Třeboň II

U-SERVIS, s.r.o.

, management accounting, tax records and business counseling

Svobody 1012, Třeboň II

BM Studio, s.r.o.

We provide services for an advertising agency

Jubilejní 183/4, České Budějovice 3

Richard Lošek

The firm provides sales, inspection and repair of fire extinguishers, hydrants, photoluminescent signs and emergency kits.

Neklanova 715/2, České Budějovice 3

Vladimír Horňáček - Horňáček reklama

provision of advertising

Na Jízdárně 439/14, České Budějovice 2

RNDr. Vladimír Kostka

Offer advice on system security solutions, business and management consulting, and preparation of management system certification

J. Bendy 1312/18, České Budějovice 2

RNDr. Lena Scholzová

empty name

Netolická 1143/8, České Budějovice 2

Ing. Milan Palas

representation branded hairdressing products, offering high-quality scissors, razors and razor blades

Jírovcova 916/63, České Budějovice 3

Everest Trading, s.r.o.

Provides promotional and advertising activities

J. Plachty 1104/24, České Budějovice 3

Bc. Ivana Kerlesová - média

We create business magazines and printed matter of public institutions, municipalities and cities. Create press releases and sent them to disclosure to the media

Nerudova 2123/51, České Budějovice 3

VialEste CZ, s.r.o.

offer advice on management and economics

nám. Přemysla Otakara II. 10/6, České Budějovice 1

Topo Conzult, s.r.o.

The services in the field of fire protection, building safety training for PO, PO documentation, marking of escape routes, safety and health.

Plzeňská 572/1, České Budějovice 3

Štěpán Zavadil

# Firm offering design and production of advertising signs, design and manufacture of banners and tarpaulins, design and implementation of corporate signs of shops and restaurants of self-adhesive foil, paper advertising cars, neon signs, plastic bags

Dukelská 133, Třeboň I


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